Smart Control

Just like the human nervous system, SuWoTec Smart Control connects all components. All nerve pathways converge in the central control. It lets all components talk to each other safely. Thanks to this perfect interplay, the Smart Control anticipates for the wishes, habits and requirements of the residents and users, so that you enjoy unparalleled living and working comfort.

The great thing about this? All components work together in SuWoTec Smart Control. Your intelligent building brings the thermal batteries, sun blinds, Climate Pro units and all desirable technologies into harmony.

Via weather forecasts links from different weather stations and actual situation it predict energy consumption and energy generation for thermal storage. Thanks to this collaboration, your Smart Control adapts non-stop to your needs to energy created from natural sources in an efficient mix to reduce your energy consumption en non efficient energy usage. The system van make numerous application in the areas for generation, storage and application. Safe and fast. Possible to extend with nearly unlimited other applications.

Possible to integrate with solar, wind turbines and net operators. To find the perfect balance for own renewable storage and possible grid use. Reduction on strain on local grids.

Highest intelligence thanks to Smart Control Technology.

Local energy generation → Local energy storage → local utilization → Smart controlled

Curious about the possibilities?