SuWoTec CATS Clean Air Technology System

SuWoTec has developed highly efficient and sustainable climate control units.

The Climate Pro series.

Due to the small built-in size, the user is able to efficiently heat, cool, refresh, and control humidity including CO2 levels in each individual room.

The Climate pro units have all the features to achieve an exceptionally good indoor climate in each individual room feels natural, fresh and comfortable.

Best off all they do not need an outside unit, it is all hooked up to the SuWoTec Thermal batteries.

Simple low voltage pump circulates and controls the feed to and from the Climate Pro units.

The units can be expanded with a heat recovery system for more efficiency.

Other or existing heating and cooling systems can also be connected, to the same supply lines such as floor, wall, and ceiling heating.

With the Climate Pro series we succeeded in placing all current climate requirements from the market in 1 unit. These low-noise units ensure that the rooms can be controlled independent to adjust to the user wishes.

  • Provide for the right temperature heat and cold simultaneously from the same unit.
  • Provide good and healthy air quality regulate Co2 and humidity.
  • Suitable for areas with high demand for air quality. Nursing homes, schools, museums, libraries and documentation centers and other areas.
  • High efficiency and minimal energy loss.

The SuWoTec Sustainable Energy System has become an asset for the architects with the design freedoms and for the neighborhood residents who do not want to experience noise and heat nuisance, because no air conditioning or heat pump units have to be placed beside or on the building.

It reduces heat radiation in big cities.

Climate Pro series is part of the Thermal collection, storage and distribution system.

Generate locally → Store locally → Use locally


The SuWoTec R&D team has not been idle in recent months. Our latest development is based on recent studies on the survival of the corona virus in buildings and spaces. It is possible for the Covid-19 virus to survive for 3 weeks in specific spaces with all its consequences. By actively participating in the European research studies regarding Covid-19 and other Corona viruses, we have found a solution to be able to reduce the risk of the virus surviving in specific areas. By mounting the Anti Corona Virus Ventilation System under the outflow opening of the Climate Pro units, we reduce the survival change off the virus and eliminate within 4 hours. Without creating a feeling of draft. The use of filter material is not necessary and not desirable from our point of view, because in a number of cases virus and bacteria will accumulate. We realize that the system can have a huge positive effect within organizations with high demand for healthy climate control. Due to the high priority we give to reduce Corona virus risk our engineering department is currently solely focused to finalize this development also for existing systems. For specific questions you can email us

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