Sustainable Energy Reading


“The energy transition and circularity are inextricably linked,” says main speaker De Wit. “Our company wants to create a sustainable, circular planet. That is why we examined all processes that everyone has to deal with on a daily basis. People like shelter, food, clean water and products. However, processes that fulfill these needs produce waste. That is undesirable. The world must therefore switch to new energy and recycling systems. However, this is not without a struggle. Although there is enough sustainable energy in this world, sustainable availability leaves much to be desired. The existing infrastructure of the electricity grid appears to be insufficient for this. To meet this challenge – and the needs of homes, factories or sports clubs – we need local energy generation and storage. This includes heat and cold energy, as well as electrical energy. ”


Generating, storing and using locally is the future, De Wit assures. That is why SuWoTec has developed the Sustainable Energy System, which experienced its baptism of fire at a building in Rotterdam. The method uses, among other things, heat pipes, whose collected heat and cold are stored in thermal batteries. In an increasingly warmer climate, the demand for cooling increases. “These batteries, in turn, are linked to a smart climate control system,” explains De Wit. “Intelligent, because it adapts to the needs of individual rooms and also takes into account weather forecasts and electricity prices. Depending on this, the system decides whether switching on the heat pump is useful for some time. This way you switch directly to natural sources and only use the net when it is really necessary. This is how, according to SuWoTec, you install a heating network in a building. Working with water and cleverly converting it to air heating and cooling also creates a pleasant and healthy indoor climate. ”


Read the full report on the energy systems of the future on the website of ROC Friese Poort Centrum Duurzaam or watch the online Sustainable Doing Lecture via the video below: