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Het kan mogelijk zijn dat je een aantal vragen hebt gekregen over onze producten. Op deze pagina hebben we al een antwoord gegeven op de meest gestelde vragen. Mocht jouw vraag er niet tussen staan, dan kun je deze gerust stellen via: info@suwotecses.com

Vraag en antwoord

Why did you develop this system?

The most important reason is that the founders and owners of SuWoTec SES have a very strong drive to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy and live on this earth in a healthy and safe way.

Because we have over 80 years knowledge in energy systems.

Because currently we accelerate PV and wind turbines producing electricity.

What makes the Sustainable Energy System so extremely efficient?

We use the energy in the form it is presented to us for free. Not first to electricity and then to heat or cold. We store it in special designed thermal batteries locally. And we use it locally.

With smart control we use it were and when needed in the building.

Can the Sustainable Energy System be used to release the various rooms in the building, including Convid-19 virus?

Yes, that is possible by using the adapted SES Climate Pro units with the Anti Convid-19 Ventilation System. No filter units need to be used. We can provide more information about this if you contact us via info@suwotecSES.com.

How much CO2 do I save if the Sustainable Energy System is used?

The system ensures that no gas or other fuels have to be used / burned.

If you have the complete climate system organized by electric we can reduce electric consumption by more then 50%.

If there is a combination with renewable energy you can achieve a negative CO2 consumption.

Can you get rid of the natural gas in 1 day?

Yes, this is possible. The system can be hooked directly to the existing systems eliminating gas or oil heating systems. It provides water for heating and high temperature water for showering etc.

An additional advantage of these units is that it can also generate cold energy for cooling. To make the total climate system more efficient, we recommend also looking at the possibility of heat exchanger units in the rooms.

Is it possible to go thermal Off Grid with the Sustainable Energy System?

Yes that is possible. It is still too often an economic consideration. SuWoTec SES is 100% committed to no longer having to make that assessment.

Various combinations are possible. For example the system can be equipped with a heat pump to use own electricity from PV panels at the time they produce.

Can the Sustainable Energy System ensure that the cities are less affected by heat radiation?

Yes because the existing air conditioning and heat pump systems no longer have to be used. The heat pump used in the Sustainable Energy System is only used as a backup and grid stabilization system. Basically, the required thermal energy is taken from the sun. During cooling, the heat released is stored in the thermal battery. This greatly reduces the heat radiation to the outside air.

Are the air conditioning units on the outside of the building still necessary?

No, those units are no longer needed.

Are the heat pumps still necessary?

No, they are no longer needed as a basic energy source. However, a highly efficient and extremely quiet heat pump developed by SES can be added. Can be used as a backup system if the cold period lasts longer than the stored thermal capacity for the cold period. It may also be the case that for certain application conditions it is economically more feasible to use a heat pump. For example, in certain places there is not enough space for installing thermal batteries. It can also be used for grid stability.

And you can use your own electricity generated by your own Solar panels or wind turbine to charge the batteries.

Can the system also be used for industry?

Ja. Het is zeer goed opschaalbaar naar de wensen van de gebruiker/klant. Het systeem is modulair in capaciteit uit te breiden. 

Yes. This system is ideal for industrial applications.

Also we can use the heat and cold from industrial processes to store it.

Is the Sustainable Energy System scalable?

Yes. It is very scalable to the wishes of the user / customer. The system can be expanded in modular capacity.

What is the minimum number of homes that can be connected to the System?

Economically, our calculations have shown that it is currently a very affordable system for the customer / user from around 12 normal houses. The definition of payable is based on the economic depreciation period of less than 10 years payback time with current energy prices. If the government introduces a possible CO2 tax or if energy prices are increased, the economic depreciation period is shorter or a smaller system can be built for, for example, a single house.

In some places the electric energy generated locally is delivered to the electric grid.

This causing more and more stress n the grid. If this delivering to the grid is reduced. Payback of your PV system takes longer. In combination of storage pay back time will improve.

Is the Sustainable Energy System affordable?

Yes, it is very affordable because you get the heat and cold energy directly from the available sun energy and store this thermal energy in thermal batteries. You can use the heat or cold energy at any time of the day without using fossil sources, regardless of the weather conditions. In addition, there are low maintenance costs because a static natural process takes place.

We are working on lease and finance constructions.

Is it still necessary to use geothermal or ground heat?

No, that is no longer necessary. Geothermal energy is already limited / prohibited at several locations. The earth is no longer abused by the SES system because we extract the energy directly from the sun. With the SES system you can generate a much higher temperature and store it. Raising the heat to a usable temperature is no longer necessary due to the direct very high temperature present in the thermal battery.

Can you use a geothermal or soil heat system together with the Sustainable Energy System?

Yes, this is possible in almost all cases.

Can the Sustainable Energy System be used in cloudy weather?

Yes, because the system uses IR and UV light, it also works during cloudy weather. The thermal batteries are intended to bridge heavily cloudy days, evenings and nights. By applying IR and UV heat pipes, heat energy can be generated from a much wider spectrum of the sunlight radiation intensity, which means that the capacity of thermal batteries can remain smaller.

Are environmentally unfriendly refrigerants or anti-freeze liquids and gases use?

No. The completely closed system contains untreated water. Thanks to a new SES technique, it is also possible to provide the outside system with water at -25 outside temperature without the water freezing.

How does the Sustainable Energy System ensure that the heat and cold batteries always have sufficient thermal energy stock?

First the total storage capacity is calculated. Climate, energy use is all taken into account.

Then there will be a economic factor if you store 100% or for example 80%. Depending per climate we see that for the last 20% to cover 100% the economics fade away. Back up can be added in the form of a heat pump.

The Smart Software System, where several weather stations are connected calculates the storage and energy consumption. It will instruct the system to charge on convenient times.

A very efficient and extremely quiet heat pump developed by SES is also used as a backup, if in certain seasons the period lasts longer than the available capacity of the thermal battery.

What else is possible with the Smart Software System?

This system has raised the bar for the new standard. The buildings, companies etc. can be made completely Smart in a very reliable way in combination with, among other things, the electrical users and systems. We use a very reliable and user-friendly control system, the system can always be expanded with most wishes of the customer and users. It is also possible to expand or replace sensors and control units without having to shut down the entire System. We are curious what applications and wishes you have that we have not yet thought of. We can provide more information if you contact us via info@suwotecSES.com and explain your wishes.

What is the delivery time?

Current systems are custom designed and developed per project. Depending on the wishes starting from 1 month after receiving order.

Is the Sustainable Energy System suitable for a heat network?

Yes, the system is ideal for that. We recommend a heat grid including cold applications. Because by the rising temperatures we see a increasing demand for cooling in buildings.

How large is the system?

The size depends on the required capacity and the specific customer wishes. In most cases, the area required for energy reception is equivalent to the current area required for PV panels. In addition, thermal batteries are required. That space is also customer specific.

We design the set up off the batteries on data provided by client. We advise on the possibilities.

What is the maintenance of the system?

Maintenance is low because a static natural process takes place. As a result, there are few moving and rotating parts in the system. In addition, it is possible to get a continuous analysis of the system, which means that preventive maintenance can be carried out in time at the desired days and times. Annual inspection, maintenance and service will be performed.

We can train local installation companies for installing and servicing the installation.

Can the Sustainable Energy System also be used in the maritime sector?

Yes, the system is also very suitable for this. Our maritime partner is Vripack.

Is there also an environmentally friendly electric battery available ?:

In the short term, an electric battery developed by SuWoTec is available that can be linked to all systems.

A electric battery in combination with the Thermal batteries gives you a complete redundant system. Optimum use of renewable energy. Guaranteed good climate also during longer electric grid outage.

Who will install the system?

We advise a company experienced with climate systems. We can provide the parts and the installation drawing. We instruct and train the local company. The start up of the installation is done by our technicians.