An EPC study (Energy Performance Coefficient) (EPB in Belgium) is extremely important for every home. It includes a final report that describes how the construction project has been carried out in real terms in terms of energy performance and the indoor climate.

We all know that an energy efficient building is better for the environment. Thanks to low energy bills, it is also good for your wallet and it also increases the value of the real estate on the market. Furthermore, there are many subsidies and supporting funds available for energy use reductions and use of renewables.

The ideal indoor climate in the most energy-efficient way helps to reach our goals to leave a better planet for our future generations.

The importance of the correct choice of the materials and techniques you use has become clear from the many reports about the (poor) air quality and the notorious overheating problem in new homes. Moreover, the choices for certain technology, and in particular for the Sustainable Energy System, have an effect on the efficiency of the technical installations, and an impact on the E-level in your home. The more efficient the technology is, the more energy-efficient the building will be, so the lower the E level will be.

You often hear that the building envelope of your home is the best investment. After all, good insulation and airtightness ensure better energy performance. That is true, but unfortunately no consideration is given to the drawbacks this causes. High insulation ensures that no energy is lost, but at the same time also ensures that heat is difficult to escape. What is an advantage in winter can be a disadvantage on relatively warm days, possibly resulting in overheating.

What many do not yet know is that there is a way to solve this problem in a structural way, with an enormous payback potential.

There are four techniques that are directly responsible for the indoor climate, namely: heating, cooling, ventilation and sun blinds. In a classical setup these techniques will work independently of each other, with the result that they will react to each other but certainly not work together as a system. As a result, the entire arrangement towards energy use will certainly not work optimally. Also that each technology needs it owns controls and sensors is certainly no advantage.

Nobody likes to have various controls for the different function. Moreover, this also entails additional costs. To solve this in an affordable and efficient way, you need one controlling system in the building through which all technology in use in the building can be controlled. And smart software assisting you to get maximum energy efficiency.

Moreover, thanks to the extensive standardization of SuWoTec and Loxone, guarantees can be given on the proper functioning of the total solution including Thermal batteries and Climate Pro series.

Smart heating & cooling.

A smart heating and cooling system can ensure an energy-efficient building. In a conventional system, one thermostat controls the temperature for heating and cooling. Sometimes for the entire building. You usually have no control over the individual temperature in each separate room. Often you actually heat or cool rooms where you are not present. Thanks to the SuWoTec Sustainable Energy System, intelligent and automatic control of the heating and cooling system for each individual room. This Climate Pro system ensures a reduction of energy consumption and ensures the ideal and desired comfort temperature in every room. Add to this the ventilation and automatic sun blinds, then these four controllers will work together perfectly, resulting in enormous energy

optimization. Depending on the efficiency per technology, this can mean a decrease from 2 to 12 E-level points.

Sun protection.

In many rooms, the heat enters through the sun’s rays on the windows. By integrating external sun blinds that are automatically controlled, you have an energy-efficient solution to keep your home or office cool. A study from the Graz University of Technology proves that this can produce a temperature difference of 9 degrees compared to the outside temperature. This is an important factor in the EPC overheating indicator calculations that indicate whether there is a risk of summer overheating. You have another advantage of external sun protection in winter. At times when the space can still use heat, you raise the sun blinds and the space is heated up very efficiently by the incoming sun rays. It is important that these systems can function automatically, even when you are not present. Where stand-alone solutions rely on manual actions, the Sustainable Energy System fully takes over these tasks and the Climate Pro system guarantees the perfect comfort temperature and optimal air quality at any time of the day. This in turn ensures the primary purpose of the home and office: to provide unparalleled living and working comfort. Solar shading on the outside of the window that is operated fully automatically will provide the greatest benefit. This can mean a decrease from 1 to 5 E-level points.

Opening parts.

With the Sustainable Energy System it is possible to refresh the air without opening windows in the most energy efficient way. The EPC file provides an advantage for the E-level when an option is provided to open windows. What is not necessary with the Climate Pro but may be desirable for the user. Just like the external sun protection, this influence again depends on the size of the overheating indicator. A large influence can already be exerted by opening windows that are provided in all bedrooms and living areas. Thanks to the Loxone system, windows and doors can even be controlled electronically and, if desired, automatically. Instead of using an active cooling system in the evening, the system can ensure that windows are opened when the outside temperature drops. This way, cooling is done passively, the integration of opening parts can mean a decrease of 3 to 8 E-points in your EPC file.


Add to this the SES Climate Pro that also promises good night-time ventilation and you have a wonderfully fresh home / building and optimal air quality at any time of the day. Energy efficient LED lighting

In addition to optimal control of the indoor climate, lighting can also have a major influence on the EPC file (for non-residential buildings).

When it comes to energy efficiency in terms of lighting, nothing beats Loxone’s LED lighting. The Loxone LED Spots, LED Strips, LED Pendulum Smart … can all be controlled intelligently in addition to all 24V. Is there enough light in the room? Then, of course, no light should be turned on. And when no one is present in the room, the lighting goes out. And the best? This is all fully automatic. Since the Loxone lighting system is both a switching system based on presence and a regulating system based on day lighting, these are all reducing factors to lower the E-level. A well-designed lighting installation and the intelligent use of control systems in non-residential buildings can lead to a drop of 20 E-points or more.

Other benefits of the Sustainable Energy System.

SuWoTec naturally helps in other areas in the field of energy efficiency. Think, for example, of the electric battery systems PBS.

This battery ensures that the PV panels can get up to 6% efficiency improvement and the windmills up to 10% efficiency improvement. The SuWoTec system also uses the generated energy smartly. When a lot of green energy comes in, the house it will automatically perform certain tasks such as charging the electric car, filling the thermal batteries, in order to use this electricity in the best possible way. Making sure quality electricity is available for your needs. And reliability off grid supply is decreased.

Major impact on the EPC file

Due to the standard sensors such as temperature and humidity sensors, CO2 sensors, window and door contacts, motion detectors … SuWoTec, together with Loxone, offers many advantages in the field of energy management.

As you notice, SuWoTec’s cooperation with Loxone offers many advantages that can significantly decrease the E consumption in your home, school, office, church, sports hall, care home, etc. This

Energy generation → Energy storage → Smart usage

The SuWoTec Experience Tour.

When you want Sustainable Energy System, you have an energy-conscious partner with SuWoTec. Would you like to experience all this yourself? Then book one of the no-obligation Experience Tour in our test and demonstration complex in Rotterdam. We have made a film of the system for you, due the visiting restrictions of to the corona virus. Due to Covid – 19 tour is not possible. Please watch the video.