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Nature has given us unlimited resources.

Nature has its own unique way’s and systems to create, utilize and recycle.

Nature is our main inspiration for Sustainable Circular Innovations.

SES is a fully integrated sustainable energy and climate system that uses the low energetic nature laws to meet our high energetic energy demand 24/7.

We use the free energy that is given to us daily by the daylight and sun. It for free why not.

The system uses highly efficient IR tubes that directly store the sunlight without energy conversion into heat and cold energy, and store it in the efficient thermal batteries developed by SuWoTec.

This is the most efficient and safest way to generate energy you can use on a roof.

No moving parts and no electricity, plain water circulating.

SuWoTec Smart Control makes the intelligent connection between all components, so that the Climate pro climate system developed by SuWoTec can be connected to existing systems or add on of existing systems for all climate control demands of the users delivered Healthy, safely and perfectly at all times of the day and night all year round.

The missing link in optimum renewable energy use is Storage!

There is more energy generated from PV and Solar at times when it is not needed. Causing strain and congestion on electricity grids. Reducing the quality of the electricity.

One form of energy is translated into another form is per definition not efficient

Electricity → Heat or cold

Electricity → Hydrogen → Heat or cold

SuWoTec sustainable energy systems uses natural resources to:

Generates heat and cold locally → Store it locally → Distribute it locally → Reduce energy cost

Some Interesting Facts

We believe that innovations and product development by solutions given by nature can accelerate and contribute to reach a sustainable circular planet. Innovations and products driven by the social responsibility and passion of the SuWoTec employees.
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We think ahead

We integrate systems and technologies designed by our team of scientists and engineers, with the most advanced technologies available to deliver more reliable and efficient energy projects. Our global platform is our strength.

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We are an environmentally friendly renewable energy company offering a broad portfolio of technologies, products, & solutions to our clients globally

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SuWoTec works with several organizations and individuals to bring clean and sustainable energy to the four corners of the world
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